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Welcome! Whatever the reason for seeking my help, my desire is to help you gain clarity, courage, joy and balance in your life.


As a Personal Coach I specialize in working with anyone who needs support, guidance and accountability to:

  • Navigate difficult life transitions,
  • Replace old habits or patterns with healthier life choices,

  • Learn to say "No" and set boundaries in your life,

  • Free up time to pursue the things that bring you joy,

  • Be more present, less tired, and less anxious,

  • Worry less about what others think, 

  • Advocate for/with, and support, Autistic and neurodivergent loved ones,

  • Choose to live life in a way that feels right in your gut, or

  • Walk away from alcohol in a healthy way.


As a Neurodiversity Consultant, I love to help school systems and employers learn about autism and ways to accept and support neurodiversity in their organizations.


Please take some time to check out my website and find out how I can assist you on your life’s journey.

Jane Coburn is…

Smart, funny, tuned-in, well-read, empowering, resourceful, positive, caring, committed, knowledgeable about health and relationships, open to new ideas, goal oriented, dependable, thoughtful, organized, communicative and understanding. Oh, yeah, did I mention she is a total bad a$$? Not sure if I can say that.

                                                                                                                                                                                  --Elaine T.

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