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A Bit About Me...

Hi, I'm Jane. Welcome to Jane


I have a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and over 30 years experience helping autistic and other neurodiverse children and adults along with their families find the support and resources they need as well as their own voice and advocacy skills to live the lives they envision and not what others decide based on a limited view of disability.


Well into my professional career, I started my own family and have two wonderful autistic sons. I quickly learned that having my own neurodiverse children was a lot different than approaching from a professional standpoint. Often parents and professionals can have a difficult time communicating, I think I am in a unique position because I can bring both perspectives to the table and assist in creating a compassionate team that considers the whole person, the whole family, and attempts to meet needs that truly matter to their life.


Along the way, I over worked, lost sleep, worried about what others thought, tried to be the perfect Mom, Wife, Employee, Daughter, tried to help everyone at my own expense. I was anxious and stressed. I looked high achieving on the outside, but inside, I was crumbling. Something had to give. In 2013, that something arrived in the form of a breast cancer diagnosis.  Almost two years of treatment: surgeries, chemo, and radiation followed. Although this was a difficult and scary time, it was also a time of tremendous growth.


I learned how to say No, how to ask for help, how to set boundaries, how to regulate my own nervous system instead of turning to wine to treat anxiety and stress, how to listen to my inner voice and stop worrying about what others thought, and how to follow my gut instincts when it came to what my children needed. Cultivating a regular meditation practice helped me live a more present and mindful life. Finding joy, even when things were hard became a priority. I slowed down and took care of myself first. Not only did I benefit from all these changes, everyone around me did, too.


As a coach and consultant, I am passionate about sharing all I have learned professionally and personally to live a life that serves my highest self. I am a work in progress, I struggle, I take two steps back and then a bunch forward. I live life, I find joy. Nothing makes me more joyful then a person who trusts me to join them on their own life journey. I love offering a compassionate ear, helpful tools and resources, realistic achievable goals, and honest feedback, as well as sharing in the learning experiences, growth, change and joy that comes from a person investing in their own life and well-being.


To get started, schedule a free 30 minute introductory call or video chat and I will be honored to take this first step with you.

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