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My Coaching Options

"Jane is an excellent listener and observer. Her comments and suggestions made it clear that she really understood what I was saying. Jane picked up on body language that didn't match what I told her, and

her responses showed real insight. I heartily recommend Jane as a life coach."           - - Patsy A.

All my 30-Day coaching packages offer the following elements, and my rates range from $350.00 to $599.00, depending on your individual needs:


A 60-Minute Consultation (Video or Phone)

During this call we will discuss the life changes you want to make and the habits and old patterns that have you stuck so we can better understand your needs. We will start to explore new ways to approach your problems, and add practices, resources, and activities to help you create the life you want.

A Personalized Action Plan

Together, we will create an individualized action plan you can implement over the next 30 days. This plan will include customized goals and simple, small action steps you can take to create a calmer, more joyful, more focused life. Small steps done consistently over time lead to big changes. I have a ton of resources, techniques, tools and tips to help you make smart choices and lead you on the path to a calmer, productive, and more joy-filled life.

Follow-Up Calls & Email Check-In for Accountability

One 30, 60 or 90 minute weekly coaching call as well as an agreed upon number of email check-ins per week to help us connect to see what has been working and helpful. We will identify what is working and not working so we can explore other resources you may need and other tools you may want to try to continue progressing. I will be with you on this journey to provide positive feedback, celebrate your progress, and offer understanding and guidance.

Unlimited texting contact throughout the week can be arranged for anyone who wants daily accountability and support at their fingertips.

Not quite ready to make a commitment?  

Schedule a free 30-minute call or video chat to discuss the life changes you want to make and the habits and old patterns that have you stuck so I can better understand your needs.  

 Contact Me to Learn More 

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