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Neurodiversity Consulting

If you are a school system or agency providing services to autistic/Neurodiverse children or adults and need hands-on training for your staff, I can help. I provide ongoing consultation in the classroom or on-site to help you provide consistent and longer-lasting positive results for everyone involved.  


If you are an employer who wants to provide a better and more diverse work environment by accepting and supporting Neurodiversity in your work force, I can help.


With over 30 years professional experience and as the mother of two autistic adult sons, I have a vast knowledge of resources, experience accessing systems and advocating within those systems. I have learned to be creative and think outside the box to help individuals and organizations tap into their full potential and I can help you do the same.

Available services for school system personnel and employers:

  • Workshops/trainings for staff:

    • Autism/Neurodiversity education beyond the old medical model

    • Reframing behavior as adaptive communication

    • Understanding the Sensory system and how it impacts a person throughout the day

    • Autism Acceptance vs. Autism Awareness

    • Communicating and partnering effectively with students, clients and their families

    • Communicating and partnering with Neurodiverse employees to create a
      win-win employment environment

    • Creating an interviewing process that embraces Neurodiversity

    • Executive funtioning skills/accomodations training


  • Classroom or workplace visits to effect real, hands-on change

Contact me today to learn what I can do for you and your organization.

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