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Personal Coaching

"Jane was an amazing anchor for me when I was solo parenting. She helped me maintain my sanity and find the bright spots just when I thought I’d reached my breaking point. Jane’s personal journey is inspiring and having someone in my corner that had already met many similar life challenges was incredibly healing. I’m a big fan and can’t wait to hear what she’s doing next!"           - - Maggie R.

Above the Clouds
Services Available to Everyone:

Services Available to Everyone:

  • Weekly one on one Personal Coaching – in person or via Zoom/Facetime

  • Clear, achievable goal development/individualized goal plans

  • Ability to have email/text check-ins and contact throughout the week between calls

  • Guidance and accountability to follow through with projects, habit changes, and life transitions

  • Learning mindful relationship practices

  • Boundary setting with family, friends, and co-workers

  • Nervous system self-regulation techniques

  • Meditation guiding and instruction

  • Learning how to truly listen to your inner voice

  • Stress reduction through self-care

  • Increasing joy and pleasure in your life

  • Proactively and positively dealing with life change and
    hard transitions

  • Support in reducing/ending alcohol use

Calm Sea
Services Specific to Autism & Neurodiversity:

Services Specific to Autism & Neurodiversity:

  • Researching and assisting engagement with resources both locally and on-line, navigating government agencies

  • Parenting Autistic & Neurodiverse Children:

    • Understanding autism as a neurodiversity and
      ​not as a medical diso

    • Learning ways to approach behavior as an adaptive response

    • How to effectively partner with education professionals, IEP prep and advocacy

    • Sensory issues and help regulating the nervous system

    • Self care while caring for your loved one

    • Finding acceptance and your own voice

  • Autistic/Neurodiverse Individuals:

    • Improving organizational/executive functioning skills

    • Assistance navigating college life

    • Career Coaching

    • Better communication with employers regarding Neurodiversity

    • Self-advocacy skills

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