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Finding Your Center

That donut thinking, “Oh Shit!” was me when I first started learning to sit still and follow my breath.

The number one thing people say to me when I talk about meditation is “I tried it, but it isn’t for me- I could not quiet my mind”. My answer is always -that is exactly the point!

I thought meditation was for monks in a monastery or hermits in mountain top caves. In my busy, noisy life how could I ever “find my center”??

If you can breathe, you can meditate. It is as simple and as difficult as breathing in and out and following that breath in your mind. Try it- stop reading this and close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Picture your breath moving from your gut into your chest and back down again. Take a slight pause before starting the next breath.

Three breaths. Try it. How do you feel? Calmer? Centered? Guess just meditated!

Did a thought creep in? That’s ok- just go back to your breath. Thoughts will come and it is ok. In fact many of the thoughts that come to me while meditating end up being answers.

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